The Spanish Coach

Level 3: Ten Week Course

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To be able to communicate fully in spanish a few of the past tenses are essential. The Level 3 courses introduces three of the most commonly used past tenses, along with lots more conversation based on real time scenarios.

Course outline:

  • 10x 1hr sessions, held online in small groups once a week
  • Focus on the three most commonly used past tenses, the future tense and the present tense subjunctive
  • Develop a wider scope of conversation and discussion
  • Several activities and exercises to practice how and when the different tenses are appropriate
  • We start to keep a diary, used during conversational part of the lessons, talking about our week
  • Graduate onto our regular “Talk like a native” sessions

NOT SURE WHICH COURSE TO ENROL ON? No problem, download and complete my Student Assessment. Return it to me and I'll be sure to advise you which class is best for you.