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Flustered to Fluent: Basic Essentials Starter Bundle

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Looking to take your first steps into learning Spanish but don't know if you want to commit? My "Flustered to Fluent" digital bundle is the perfect solution for you.

Perhaps you have had a taste of learning a few words for your Spanish holiday? Perhaps you live in Spain and would like to take your first tentative steps towards learning the language.

Included in the Flustered to Fluent package is:

  • 1x introductory video tutorial - learn how to pronounce over 95% of Spanish words!
  • Factsheet: The importance of pronunciation
  • Factsheet: At the Doctors - all the vocabulary you'll need in case you need to visit a doctor, hospital or pharmacy while in Spain
  • BONUS: For a limited time, receive a FREE copy of my Practice Makes Perfect book delivered to your home.


After purchase you will receive your Flustered to Fluent pack via digital download, with your copy of Practice Makes Perfect sent by mail.