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Flashcards: Create your own learning aids

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Hugely popular with my students and a fantastic way to get in your daily "flying hours" of Spanish learning...

Using flashcards is perfect for...

  • Memorising new vocabulary
  • Learning new sets of Spanish verbs
  • Mastering new topics 
  • Creating sets of memorable phrases to carry with you
  • ...and many more, you are limited only by your imagination!

These blank sets of flashcards are perfect for creating your own personalised learning aids. English on one side, Spanish on the other.

Picture the scene: it’s coffee time (or maybe an early evening glass of wine...) your flashcards are at your side. English words facing UP. Your challenge is to turn over 10 cards (or 20 or 30, you choose your goal) and correctly guess the Spanish version that’s written on the reverse. When your hit your goal... YAY! A chocolate biscuit (or another glass of red... or whatever!) as your reward.