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Workshop: The Subjective Tense

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When you first encounter the Spanish subjunctive, it can feel like its only purpose is to make Spanish harder.

It's not just learners of Spanish who struggle here. The subjunctive – sometimes called the “conjunctive” – is found in many European languages – French, Portuguese, Italian, German, and even Welsh to name just a few. English speakers often struggle to learn it.

The subjunctive is a mood, not a tense. It contrasts with the indicative mood, which is just a fancy word for the “normal” verb forms that are used much more often. Believe it or not, the Spanish subjunctive doesn't have to be intimidating or difficult. This one-hour workshop will help you get into a good "mood" with the subjunctive!

Workshops are held in online video classes with, in most cases, groups of up to five students. This ensures every student gets the chance to ask questions and get involved without being "lost in the crowd".

Runtime: 1 hour.

Places are very limited. Select your preferred session from the upcoming dates menu to book your spot.