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Virtual Learning Pack: Intermediate - Part Two

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So you've smashed the first part of the Intermediate course, let's keep going! Let's go all the way to Lesson 40 of the Spanish curriculum!

The second part of my hugely popular Intermediate course is now available as a virtual course, designed to follow on from Intermediate: Part One. There will be more speaking and listening exercises, forming your own sentences and seeing the introduction of the past tenses. This is where the language really gets exciting!

As before, there will be video tutorials between lessons, plus activities to put your learning into practice. Each lesson, we will also be adding to your personalised "My Story", designed to build confidence in speaking about yourself.


    • PDF lesson workbook, including the lessons 31-40 of my Spanish Curriculum.
    • Solutions page included, enabling you to track your successes independently.
    • 10x video lessons, one to accompany each of the lessons in your workbook


      ARE YOU A NEW STUDENT AND NOT SURE WHICH COURSE OR LEVEL TO ENROL ON? No problem, download and complete my Student Assessment. Return it to me and I'll be sure to advise you which class is best for you.