No Plan B...

We’ve all experienced that moment when we’ve finally mastered a challenge within the Spanish language, celebrated the achievement, then attended the next class to find there is yet another challenge around the corner. (Sound familiar?!)

It's like being a novice mountaineer struggling and finally reaching that first ridge, glancing over the top only to find another peak to surmount... and then another. Maybe you’ve wondered if it is all, in fact, worth it - how much longer will it take? A question I am often asked is “did you ever feel like this?” Of course, yes we all have days like this from time to time, but read on…

When I arrived on the island I knew this was where I was going to live for the foreseeable future and for me, learning and speaking Spanish was part of integrating into my new home – but also out of respect to the local Spanish people. It was really important to me - and there was no plan B. I had to make it happen. I decided that I couldn’t look left or look right in search of a quick fix, just put my head down and do the work until I achieved my goal.

However, there were times when I wished for some way to structure my learning, know how to set learning goals for myself, what in fact I should be studying to get best results, some idea of how long things were going to take – and how to literally find time to study effectively when I was working and running a home!

I was thinking on this very subject during the Summer Break and, in the absence of anything remotely like this being available, I decided to create the Spanish Coach Study Planner Pack to provide solutions for all these ‘issues’ and more, so I created...

  • A step-by-step guide to help you decide what you want to achieve with the language. We are all different – maybe it’s a little day to day communication, maybe when you are travelling in Spain or maybe you want to live and find work in Spain.
  • A guide to break down your learning into manageable goals and record your progress
  • Give structure to your learning with a weekly study planner ensuring you cover the 4 key areas of the language each week
  • Our Progress Tracker will record your learning journey and show just how far you have come for those moments when you feel like you’re ‘stuck’
  • And a tutorial video to talk you through what you want to achieve, developing the study habit, looking at common issues which prevent students progressing and how to use the information and documents within the pack.


This really is the "missing link" I craved back in the day. Whether you are a new student starting out, or further on down your learning journey, this pack gives you the tools to focus your learning. It’s a roadmap to success and available now via my online store in the form of digital downloads and video.

Simply click here for full details or to grab your copy.