Learn your Spanish verbs... in a flash!

Love them or hate them, we soon discover that verbs are the backbone of the Spanish language.

We all study and learn in different ways and finding the way that works for you takes a bit of trial and error. Learning Spanish is a bit like getting your pilot’s licence… you have to put in the flying hours to qualify.

“But I don’t have time to sit and study verbs!” I hear you cry – yes, I agree. It’s not got a huge appeal factor! So the challenge comes in finding a method that can fit into our hectic lifestyles that makes learning FUN – because if it’s fun, we’ll stick at it.

I believe the secret is in FLASHCARDS. Small cards with the Spanish verb on one side and its English meaning on the other.

Picture the scene: it’s coffee time (or maybe my early evening glass of wine!) my flashcards are at my side. English words facing UP. My challenge is to turn over 10 cards (or 20 or 30, you choose your goal) and correctly guess the Spanish version that’s written on the reverse. I work my way through, building my piles of "right" and "wrong". When I hit my goal... YAY! I get a chocolate biscuit (or another glass of red... or whatever!) as my reward.

Just like that, learning your verbs has become fun and you've got your ‘flying hours’ in for today! You may choose to revisit your ‘wrong’ pile later in the day, just to refresh your memory, but this is an ANYWHERE activity. You can do it while walking the dog, in the queue in the bank, when you’re on your sun-lounger...

It has to be worth a try, right ?

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