"I'm doing things at my own speed, and that's ok!"

I often say to my students that learning Spanish is a marathon not a sprint. There is no quick-fix so whenever you see marketing that promises ‘be fluent in three months’... well, it just isn’t going to happen!

I say it’s far better to relax and settle in for the journey and celebrate all the little successes along the way. An hour-long class a week means you can pick up some new learning, practice what you have already learnt and, week on week, build a little conversation and confidence.

That said, classes aren’t for everyone – I get that. Maybe existing commitments prevent attending a class on a regular day/time each week. Maybe you simply prefer to study independently at a time of day (or night!) that works for you. As I say, I get that. It could be the peer-pressure, shyness or simply "I want to do it my way!"

My passion for wanting to share my learning techniques with all who want to speak the language, has motivated me to create a Virtual Learning Pack for this band of independent studiers. As the old Martini advertisement used to say, it’s an “any time, any place, anywhere” solution to learning the language!

For complete beginners or those who have a little more experience, the easy access video tutorials means they’re available to watch and re-watch until you feel confident with the topic before moving on … everything at your pace. The Beginner's workbook with activities and solutions, plus the vocabulary puzzle book complete the bundle.

What's more, the first five lessons are separated off into a Taster Pack so there is no need to commit to full pack just yet, but once you’ve sampled it... I’m sure you are going to want more!

Take a look by clicking this link….