How keeping a diary can help your Spanish

You will be amazed in just how many ways it can help, but here are my top four reasons why keeping a diary can help you learn Spanish... 

  1. Have you ever had a Spanish conversation (however short or basic), walked away and thought “Ah, I could have said this” or “I should have said that...”  At that moment - whilst it’s fresh in your mind - I recommend writing those thoughts straight into your diary on today’s date. The action of writing it down (I used to do it in red, or use a highlighter) helps to cement it into your brain for next time. Every time you flick back through the diary, those red scribblings will jump out at you as a reminder!
  2. Write some of the things you have done today, using the vocabulary/verbs that you have already studied. Keep it simple to begin with, any new words you need to look up can be added to your vocab learning (in an A-Z notebook or on flashcard). As above, the act of writing reinforces the learning and helps it ‘stick’ in your head.
  3. Practice forming sentences in your diary each day. Stringing together vocabulary and verbs into a sentence is not always done in the same way you would do so in English (we say the white car and not "the car white" for example). The more you do it, the better we get. You can add new words or verbs that you are currently learning.
  4. It helps with procrastination! Having the simple discipline of writing in your diary each day will quickly become a rewarding habit. Week on week you will see advances, which will become self motivating! 

So that's four reasons to get your started. Don’t delay! I really recommend getting into the diary habit. Who’s going to try it?