How are you doing with your Spanish?

I regularly meet with students who are at varying stages of the Spanish learning journey. There are so many learning options out there...

  • Evening classes
  • Using an app
  • Books
  • Online tutorials
  • CDs
  • Language schools

Somehow they’ve not quite found the right way to learn. It hasn’t yet ‘clicked’ and we start down the route of "how do I choose what to do next?”


When the time is right

I believe that timing is a major factor. Once you have decided that the time is right and you have a mindset to make it happen, all the other stuff that may have distracted you previously (work, family commitments, time, cost etc etc) becomes less important. Maybe something happens to bring on that change like moving to live or work in Spain, the desire to travel in Spanish speaking countries or simply ‘I need to master this!’


What next ?

Some say that they have looked at my program, really like what they have seen (maybe on social media), but feel that my ‘Taster’ program that I offer for beginners is too basic. They may have collected lots of random ‘words’ and don’t know how to string them together or they may have been using verbs in their full form as they’ve not understood how to do otherwise.

In situations such as this I offer to carry out an assessment of “where they are at” via a short downloadable questionnaire. Everyone teaches and learns in different ways, but this (totally not scary!) paper allows me to decide where they might fit into my structured program and I can then recommend that they join an active class at that level.

This has worked brilliantly for students who have completed the assessment to date and so rewarding to see them start to progress and enjoy the learning process once again.


Maybe it’s something you’d like to try? – the downloadable assessment is on my website via this link. I look forward to hearing your story to date !