Be a "Keepy Goer"

Anyone can start stuff, but it's the KEEPY GOERS that succeed! 

Remember back when you first decided you wanted to learn Spanish? Maybe it was just after moving to your new home in Spain and you felt it was an important factor in integrating into the Spanish community? Maybe you’d been an expat for a while, taking some time to settle into your new life before the time was right? Maybe you have a Spanish holiday home and fancied the challenge of learning the language so that you could converse with confidence in restaurants and enhance your holiday experience?

Whatever the reason for starting, no doubt in those early weeks and months the excitement of getting started and making steady progress kept you motivated and focused. It's definitely easier with that "new starter" wind in your sails.  In the weeks and months since however, maybe the learning curve turned into a continual uphill challenge and the sparkle started to dull?

That’s when we need to put on our KEEPY GOER hat and dig in for the long haul. There is no quick fix or shortcut in the process of becoming fluent. I never sugar-coat the story… but the rewards that come along as you become more proficient are so amazing. I’m sure you will have seen many of my testimonials supporting this fact. Like this one...


“I went to a local Spanish restaurant and the waiter didn’t speak any English – I managed to order and speak a little. The waiter understood me and we had a little conversation – what a buzz!!! Eight lessons in and I’m actually speaking Spanish and being understood. Thanks to you Janet.”


One of the many things I love about my work is when I hear how students take their first shaky steps in Spanish, get a small win and then go from strength to strength. It really feels better than winning the lottery when you have that first "proper conversation!"

So think back often to that reason which first motivated you to learn. It was your motivation for a reason. Keep that "why" in the front of your mind when you’re feeling like throwing in the towel because, as I said at the start, it’s the KEEPY GOERS that succeed!

The Spanish Coach